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Jefferson Market Garden




Jefferson Market Garden is a New York treasure, a serene open space that depends upon volunteers in many roles for its very existence. It is open spring, summer and fall, filled with a rich array of seasonal flowers and plants that Volunteers plant and tend. Other Volunteers greet people from near and far ­ the Garden had visitors from 56 different countries in 2015. Volunteers also have the opportunity to assist with the many special programs the Garden hosts throughout the year for the children and adults in our community.

Tomoe Sato with baby pineapple grown in the Garden
Susan Sipos and volunteer gardeners planting Spring bulbs in the Fall


Garden Greeters

If you can volunteer for one (1) two-hour shift per week to welcome visitors to the Garden, please send your e-mail address and best phone/cell number here. Thank you!

Community involvement begins with our Garden Greeters, who welcome all visitors when the Garden is open.


Your role as a Greeter is to welcome visitors, answer questions about the Garden's history and plantings, collect voluntary donations, and to make sure the rules of the Garden are followed so all may enjoy this special New York City oasis. 

Gate Greeter volunteers masked during the pandemic
Gate Greeter volunteers


Fall Harvest Festival for Children

Community Event Volunteers


Volunteers also may assist in the organization and implementation of the many activities that the The Garden hosts many activities throughout the year. If you would like to assist in their planning and realization, please click here!

Dave the worm guy at children's event
A nursery school tour of the Garden
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